Amazon's AI-Powered Leap: Revolutionising Customer Reviews

Amazon's AI-Powered Leap: Revolutionising Customer Reviews

Nemash Patel
Marketing Strategist
August 2, 2023

Amazon is dipping its toes further into artificial intelligence (AI) with the introduction of a new feature designed to provide a brief summary of product reviews.

This feature uses AI to gather and share feedback left by customers on certain products, offering users a concise snapshot of the product’s pros and cons.

Amazon's Review Summarisation Feature

This AI-generated feature highlights both the positive and negative aspects of a product, providing users with an overview of previous customers’ experiences.

While Amazon has confirmed that this feature is in beta, the company has yet to reveal details about the specific AI models used for review summarisation and text generation.

The eCommerce giant’s journey into generative AI is part of a larger company-wide investment. As Amazon continues to use AI and machine learning for targeted advertising and personalised recommendations, this move towards generative AI – particularly in the wake of increased interest in AI chatbots like OpenAI’s ChatGPT – marks a key shift in the company’s AI strategy.

According to Amazon CEO Andy Jassy, generative AI and large language models could potentially “transform and improve virtually every customer experience.”


Tackling Challenges and Improving Customer Experience with AI

With millions of products and potentially thousands of reviews per item, AI-assisted review summaries could prove a huge win for customers. This new feature will make it easier for customers to navigate the reviews and make informed purchasing decisions.

Amazon had already initiated efforts to simplify the review process with its one-tap ratings system and has also seen some users utilising chatbots to write reviews.

Nevertheless, Amazon faces a significant challenge with the issue of fake reviews. Both Amazon and other online marketplaces have grappled with counterfeit reviews, turning to human moderators and automated tools to combat the issue.

With the integration of AI in review summarisation, Amazon continues its pursuit to enhance user experience and build a trustworthy shopping environment.

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