5 Things Your Business Should Know About Ramadan in MENA - ONLINE

5 Things Your Business Should Know About Ramadan in MENA - ONLINE

March 19, 2020
Push Perspective

The holy season of Ramadan is by far the busiest in MENA when it comes to advertising, ensuring your business has adapted its marketing strategy for changing behaviours and changed expectations is paramount.

This year’s behaviour will certainly intensify further, given the surge in social distancing, fuelling a rise in the time we spend at home, and online.

We’ve summarised the TOP 5 things your business needs to know about Ramadan:

  1. 50% of people start to plan their purchases at least 2-3 weeks before Ramadan begins. This year we expect this behaviour may even start earlier due to the impact of Coronavirus, so by the end of March &, beginning of April 2020. Because more people are planning in advance, this is a key time for brands and businesses to resonate with their audiences for inspiration and information.
  2. Understand your audience’s behavioural shifts. Daily active and sleep times change, this impacts eCommerce time peaks and traffic peaks. Research shows that eCommerce traffic increases by almost 40% in MENA during Ramadan at night, whilst day time traffic doesn’t change. Think about changing your ad copy, analysing your traffic & ensuring you’re always present.
  3. More of your audiences use search and social media for information. Make sure you’re present across devices, during moments that matter. Reaching people across platforms is also beneficial. Why not try out automatic placement features or select to opt-in across networks?
  4. People are seeking content that helps distract them from hunger. Content that’s easy, entertaining and shareable. Consider choosing meaningful creative featuring Ramadan themes such as family, meal-times with loved ones, charity or gratitude. You could produce sequential stories and utilise creative formats across Search and Social that encourage more interaction and engagement with your brand. E.g. Carousel ads, Instagram Lives, Canvas ads etc.
  5. Don’t forget to plan for Eid! The last 2 weeks of Ramadan is when behaviours shift again, to start preparing for Eid. This year, Eid will fall around mid-May 2020. There are gifting shifts, food, beauty, entertainment & travel shifts online. Change your messaging and offering to continue to relate to your audience base.

Wishing all our colleagues, friends and family, Ramadan Kareem.




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