5 Reasons Why Google Ads and Facebook Ads Are the Perfect Combination

5 Reasons Why Google Ads and Facebook Ads Are the Perfect Combination

March 9, 2022
Social Media

As we spend more of our time online, social media channels have come to play a huge role in our daily lives.

This is exactly why businesses have been breaking away from traditional advertising methods and instead adapting to marketing on virtual platforms.

Google Ads (previously Google Adwords) and Facebook Ads are two platforms with their own unique sets of features and qualities. Some businesses prefer to use one over the other, however by combining the two in a blended marketing approach you can maximise your potential and grow your business further.

Here are a few reasons why Google Ads and Facebook Ads are the perfect combination.

1. Boost Your Reach Across Both Platforms

Google Ads offers a wide scope of opportunities to market products and services, including several campaign types such as Display, Discovery, Shopping, and more. These campaigns make sure that your business reaches your audience with ads and targeting that reflects your messaging perfectly.

Facebook Ads offers a more optimised approach. Facebook Ads are ideal for marketing your business to create a lasting impression on your audience, even if they have only seen your brand a couple of times before or not at all.

By using a blended approach across both platforms, you not only have strength in numbers of users, but also have more options to target your audience and improve brand awareness. This guarantees multiple opportunities for you to boost your reach.

2. Learn How To Work With Various Intent Types

Based on how their ads generally work, Facebook Ads and Google Ads have contrasting styles when it comes to targeting and displaying ads.

In terms of commercial intent, not many people actively search for answers directly on Facebook, whereas Google is still the top option when it comes to keywords, queries and search terms. Facebook Ads operate similarly to Google’s Display network, using Lookalike Audiences to identify where content should be placed instead of set keywords.

By using a blended approach, you can create a holistic approach to targeting for all intent types, whether it be through keyword or audience targeting.

3. Discover Advanced Features To Track Your Progress

Google Ads and Facebook Ads have distinguishing features that allow users to see how their ads have been faring. Ads can also be used for experiments, allowing you to figure out whether a certain ad campaign is effective on its own or needs adjustments. Facebook Ads offers Test & Learn and Split Testing. Meanwhile, Google Ads uses Ad Variations and Campaign Experiments to test a campaign’s reliability.

A blended approach allows you to track your ads more efficiently and find out which ones are most effective when it comes to boosting reach and brand awareness. Having these features makes it easier for you to analyse everything you already have and come up with better options. These features work hand-in-hand: Facebook Ads is ideal for testing whether a certain campaign will work, whilst Google Ads figures out which ones are worth using in the long run.

4. Turn Simple Searches Into Opportunities

One keyword is all it takes to begin expanding your audience. One way to increase your reach is by entering one main keyword related to your business into Google Ads. From there, similar keywords will begin to show up. This is where Facebook Ads come in. It’s likely that there will be a ton of content available if you’re searching based on those keywords alone. It’s unclear how Facebook specifically builds an audience based on these terms, but it’s possible based on whether or not a user has previously interacted with relevant posts or ads.

5. Retargeting Made Easier

Consumers are met with thousands of results on Google, just by searching simple keywords. Going through several results to find their ideal match can be time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming. However, if you use both Google Ads and Facebook Ads, you can incorporate a user’s Google searches in your targeting, to promote your products on their Facebook news feed. Compared to scrolling through all the web pages from the Google search, you’ll be able to show relevant products and information to your audience through simple posts that are linked to your website.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads: The Ultimate Combination

Using a blended approach is an innovative take on advertising across social media platforms, with a lot of potential in terms of brand awareness and reach. Whether you’re a business that is just starting out or you are simply looking for a new opportunity to grow, consider combining the two to enhance your reach and brand awareness.

If you’ve like what you’ve read and would like some help with your Facebook and Google campaigns, please get in touch today.

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