5 Marketing Strategies for Improved Results: Insights from Meta

5 Marketing Strategies for Improved Results: Insights from Meta

Senior Account Manager
August 22, 2023

Meta has revealed that its investment in AI technology significantly boosted its Q4 conversion rate by 20% year-on-year and saw a return on ad spend (ROAS) increase 3.3 times last year.

The platform recently shared best practices for Facebook and Instagram ads for the upcoming sales season. These tips offer useful information on how to make marketing campaigns better. The key takeaway from the presentation can be summed up in one word—automation.

Here are five strategies that can help you optimise your marketing campaigns and achieve better outcomes:



1. Account Simplification

Simplifying your account structure can help AI systems deliver results more quickly. By consolidating and limiting changes, you can streamline your account and make it easier to manage. According to the presentation, when a campaign starts running, each ad set goes through an initial “learning phase.”

Simplifying account structures helps AI systems get the results you need faster. In fact, ad sets that successfully exited the learning phase had a 19% lower CPA. Lele Sadoughi, for example, simplified their account structure from 69 to 15 ad sets and saw a 41% increase in purchases.


2. Automation

Automation allows marketers to keep up with dynamic consumer behaviour using advanced AI models. By automating your entire campaign or specific parts of it, you can achieve more efficient results.

Meta emphasises that automation helps marketers achieve efficient results using advanced AI models. In fact, there was a 32% increase in return on ad spend with Advantage+ shopping campaigns and a 13% decrease in cost per result with Advantage+ custom audiences.

The running company On used Advantage+ shopping campaigns to discover new customer groups and grow at a 60% improved cost per result.


3. Creative Differentiation

People buy the same product for different reasons. Diversified creative can reach more shoppers with a relevant message.

By building a variety of assets and diversifying concepts, you can deliver more relevant creative. Meta recommends delivering more relevant creative by building a variety of assets, diversifying concepts, identifying top motivators and barriers, mapping them to a benefit and call to action, and differentiating creative routes visually.


4. Data Quality

Strengthening data quality helps brands better target and measure across various shopping journeys. By maximising data quality with the Conversions API and prioritising customer information parameters, you can improve match quality.

Meta highlights that strengthening data quality helps brands better target and measure across a variety of shopping journeys.

There was a 13% cost per result improvement with the Meta Pixel and Conversions API, and a 19% additional attributed purchase events with the Meta Pixel and Conversions API. Ray-Ban combined the Meta Pixel and Conversions API to boost performance, achieving a 10% increase in online sales and a 7% decrease in cost per conversion.


5. Results Validation

Understanding the true impact of marketing helps inform more effective strategies. By validating results with other measurement methods, you can gain a better understanding of your marketing impact.

Meta emphasises that understanding the true impact of marketing helps inform more effective strategies. 47% of marketing executives say that measuring and proving that what they do works is their biggest concern.

Thousand Miles conducted a conversion lift study and found that combining the Conversions API and the Meta pixel resulted in 24% more incremental conversions and 25% more incremental sales.

The insights provided by Meta highlight the importance of automation, simplification, creative differentiation, data quality, and results validation in optimising marketing campaigns for better outcomes.

By implementing these strategies, you can optimise your marketing campaigns and achieve better results. Remember to continuously adapt and refine your strategies to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of marketing.

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