3X Case Studies: Using Smart Campaigns To Grow Your Business

3X Case Studies: Using Smart Campaigns To Grow Your Business


What is a Smart campaign?

Smart campaigns are a default new campaign type in Google Ads, “designed to help business owners improve the way they promote their products and services online”.

Using smart technology, these campaigns monitor and improve the performance of your ads by detecting search phrases that are relevant to your business, fine-tuning your bids and showing your ads to potential customers who are searching for what you offer.

These campaigns can run across the Search, Shopping and Display networks, and are monitored constantly with a continually learning algorithm.

Your ad will automatically show to potential customers across Google Search, Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail and Google partner websites.

Case Study 1

“Smart campaigns are three times better than traditional campaigns
at putting ads in front of the right audience”

For one client looking to expand their business by increasing their customer base, we employed smart campaigns to target new search themes. We set up this campaign to target broad keywords and implemented a maximise conversions smart bidding strategy.

We saw a great result for this client’s goal, with 84% of the clicks driven through the Smart campaign coming from new visitors to their website.


How do we ensure that the clicks coming through smart campaigns are relevant to our client’s business and will translate into new customers? 

With smart campaigns, you can prevent your ads from showing for search phrases that are not relevant to your business, by “turning off” search themes within the campaign.

By optimising our client’s smart campaign in this way, we also achieved:

  • A 57% lower CPA than account average
  • A 97% higher ROAS than account average

Case Study 2

“Smart campaigns improve conversions”

Smart campaigns improve conversions by using a broad range of Google’s data signals to determine how likely a search is to convert. This technology refines the way a smart campaign bids at auction in order to get your business as many conversions as possible.

For one client testing a Smart Search campaign, we were able to achieve a 36% higher conversion rate than the account average:

At an incredible CPA of just £0.05, we expanded the themes in the Smart campaign for this client and have also started testing a Smart campaign on the display network… watch this space for results!

Case Study 3

“Smart Campaigns continuously tweak and refine their strategies
– helping you find the right prospective customers”

To set up a smart campaign you need to define a business goal for your ads. With Google Ads, there are three types of business goals:

  • Phone calls
  • Store visits
  • Website visits

Smart campaigns become even more efficient when used in conjunction with smart bidding, as the technology is able to build on historical data to correctly predict how to drive more conversions and expand to new prospective customers.

For a client with a peak seasonal period over the summer, we employed Smart campaigns as a “catch-all” campaign to drive as many conversions as possible towards the end of their season. The smart campaign was successful in finding new search themes which we had not previously targeted with ads, and actually extended their seasonal period on Google Ads by driving 77% of their account’s non-branded conversions in Q4 2020.

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Resource: Google Ads 


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