3 Simple Steps to Guide Your Covid-19 Marketing Strategy Online

3 Simple Steps to Guide Your Covid-19 Marketing Strategy Online


No doubt we’re living in extraordinary times. There’s no playbook to guide us in what to do as we collectively grasp through this pandemic, as humans, and as professionals.

We’ve put together these simple steps to help you adapt your marketing strategy, in this altered marketplace.

  1. Constantly assess, then reassess your strategy.
    We’re uncovering challenges almost daily, in every country. The only constant assumption is that things will change. Monitor your campaigns, your creatives, your targeting & your results. Regularly.
  2. Anything creative needs extra scrutiny.
    In the spirit of reassessing, could your Search ads be interpreted negatively? Could your Social creatives be inappropriate at such sensitive times? Decide whether to associate with health-related content or not. More than ever, brands also need to consider how their products or services solve the consumer’s needs or problems.
  3. Manage your promises by anticipating business impacts.
    Assess the operational impacts of your business in line with what you’re promising to your consumers. Create capacity, where possible, and manage expectations. Depending on your business, this may mean extending offers, delivery timescales, contactless methods etc.

How brands use their marketing position now, will leave a lasting impression and shape consumers’ views beyond the coronavirus pandemic.


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