3 Reasons To Use LinkedIn For B2B Lead Generation

3 Reasons To Use LinkedIn For B2B Lead Generation

September 9, 2021
Social Media

LinkedIn has become the go-to social platform for any B2B customer. With more than 738 million people worldwide and 4 out of 5 driving business decisions, it’s time to take LinkedIn seriously.

Not only is LinkedIn a platform to build your network, recruit top talent and show your industry influence, it’s also a prime platform to generate high-quality leads.

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider LinkedIn

1. A Trusted and Professional Environment

People use LinkedIn to network, look for employment opportunities, and to catch up on the latest industry news and trends. Making your ad feel right at home among these discussions.

  • LinkedIn has been rated as the “#1 most trusted social media platform” by Business Insider ​for three consecutive years. (Business Insider Digital Trust Report)
  • Brands were perceived to be “more professional” (92%), “more intelligent” (74%), “higher quality” (59%), and “more respectable” (59%) when their ad was seen on LinkedIn platform. (Nielsen study)

2. Unique Targeting Capabilities

With more than 700 million users on LinkedIn in different industries, professions, job titles and functions LinkedIn uses first-person data for targeting. It also takes into account content engagements, enabling marketers to understand who they should be trying to reach, and what matters to them.

3. Credible Across Different Verticals and Industries

  • In technology, LinkedIn generated 2-5x higher Return On Ad Spend than other social​ media platforms (Analytic Partners Study)
  • In financial services, LinkedIn generated 7x more incremental​ customer sign-ups than display media (Analytic Partners Study)
  • In education, LinkedIn was​ 2-4x as effective as other display media (Analytic Partners Study)

The industry-specific stats above show how B2B marketers tap into the potential LinkedIn has to offer. By using your analytics and audience insights you can focus on a high-quality audience with messaging and creatives that will focus on their needs and pain points.

If you would like to find out how you can grow your business using LinkedIn, please get in touch with us today!



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