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5 Considerations When Looking At Your Performance

  • Do I switch my current campaigns over to Pmax or create new campaigns?

  • How do I break out my asset groups and can that help me keep some level of control?

  • What signals (keywords/audiences) & assets (images/videos) should I use to maximise performance?

  • How many campaigns should I have? Should everything be moved into one master campaign?

  • How do I measure success? What can I do if these campaigns don’t perform well?

Why Consultancy?

So, when set up correctly, what are the results like

A 40% reduction in CPC whilst maintaining the target ROAS

A Fashion eCommerce Store

In just 4 weeks Pmax was generating 50% of all sales at a 10% lower cost per sale.

A Beauty Treatment Brand

Saw a 23% decrease in CPC using Performance Max, with over 100 incremental leads

A Performing Arts Company

Why Work With Push

1. 10x Thinking

We don’t aim for just growth, we always think bigger!

2. Tech & Automation first

We don’t aim for just growth, we always think bigger!

3. Multi-Channel Experts

We don’t aim for just growth, we always think bigger!

4. Partners, not clients

Marketers and advertisers are different. We want to help you scale, learn, collabrate and adopt, not just

5. Lots of experience

We are only UK partner to win 3 Google Awards, 3 years in a row

6. Award Winners

Push has been helping 1000’s of businesses across a huge variety of industries for nearly 15 years

Why it’s important to get Pmax right ?

Pmax will be the main campaign type so better to test early

It’s inevitable that all businesses will need to try Pmax at some point. Better to start testing early alongside your other campaigns than wait until it’s forced upon you

If not set up properly it will cannibalise and affect all other campaigns

Pmax will be prioritised over your other campaigns so if you want to test without affecting campaigns with a lot of history you need to set them up properly with a focus on a particular area/audience type.

eCommerce smart shopping campaigns will be discontinued & automatically switched to Pmax

For eCommerce retailers the change will take fast must sooner than in the lead generation space. This is because Smart shopping campaigns are being switched to Pmax. However using a product feed does give advertisers more options to separate campaigns.

Reporting & optimisation are difficult

The main issue with Pmax is, you give up all your control to Google. Take the best steps you can with a good set up though to at least give you some options to optimise

Let us help you with your Performance Max strategy

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