By combining our own unique technology and a genuine passion for PPC management, our Google Ads (AdWords) PPC services deliver exceptional results — every time.


Be discovered by people looking for your services

Paid Social

Expand your channels with Paid Social


Performance driven strategies

Display & Native Ads

Expand into the other 96% with the Google display Network and Native Advertising


Increase sales and improve your RoAS on the Google Shopping Network

Lead Generation

Simplify your marketing strategy - just buy your leads

A superior PPC management agency

Our pay-per-click management centres around our own technology, delivering exceptional results on a variety of platforms. Our PPC solutions are implemented quickly and efficiently, meaning you’ll always be ahead of the competition. Our unique Push Analyser scripts will optimise your campaign, providing access to the very latest beta tests from Google.

Push have developed over 100 AdWords (Google Ads) scripts, which are an amazing way of automating tasks and seeing those insights that are hidden deeply away within AdWords. Our scripts will save your business significant time managing account bids, CPA and positioning by allowing you to add keywords and negatives in bulk. They also provide protection mechanisms such as budget caps, error 404 scripts and zero-click alerts, all of which are sure to prevent you from overspending, missing sales or leads and spending on broken URLs.

Push are simply the best digital advertising agency in the business, you can count on us to revolutionise the effectiveness of your digital campaigns.