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Push MENA and dotdigital help businesses drive revenue through acquisition, conversion and retention of customers.

  • Intelligent Email Marketing tools with business growth in mind
  • Join 4000+ other brands across 150 countries who we’re proud to call our customers and design stunning emails in minutes!
  • AI Powered optimisation to ensure your emails land exactly when customers want them, using machine learning
  • AB testing options for subject lines, send times, layout and more to continuously improve open rates, CTR and revenue
  • Align Email Strategy with Digital Performance by integrating user behaviour data across Google Ads, Facebook Ads, ReMarketing and Email to enhance the performance of every channel.

Need to make the most of Email Marketing?

See how dotdigital can help you boost your ROI, utilize your data, and do more in less time.
The success of email marketing is reliant on strong, healthy mailing lists. Email marketing lists typically decay at a rate of 20% per year. This means that you need to be constantly acquiring new contacts in order to grow your business and increase your conversions.

For your email marketing to drive real results it needs to be relevant and action-inspiring.

To create relevant emails, you need to know your customers.
To know your customers, you need to be collecting customer data at every opportunity. But with data privacy at the forefront of minds for customers and brands alike, it’s important we collect the right information using appropriate tactics.

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See how dotdigital can help you boost your ROI, utilize your data, and do more in less time.

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