Thomas Deville
Thomas Deville
Marketing Director Hilti
Thomas Deville

Hilti provide multiple products and services to the construction and engineering industries. Operating in 120 countries and with well over 30k employees worldwide, Hilti contribute to making work on construction sites much faster, simpler and safer whilst inspiring customers every single day.

The Group has an ambitious plan to double their sales and presence online over the next few years and required a Marketing partner that could support this vision and execute campaigns with Hilti’s online objectives in mind. Push has been supporting this growth to accelerate Hilti’s digital transformation by providing strategic consultancy and launching campaigns across all major digital channels with localised accounts, advertisements, audiences & creative.

As Hilti’s strategic partners for digital, we are very happy to look back at how far Hilti has grown online. It’s been particularly great to hear of on the ground local feedback from the country teams and local customers, which really puts a huge value on all our combined efforts. We look forward to continued success!

Hilti grows brand presence in new markets

We love nothing more than hearing from our customers, especially when they share amazing testimonials like this one from Thomas Deville, Marketing Director – Near East, Africa, Central Asia, at Hilti.

Why did you decide to use a digital marketing agency?

Hilti has a very ambitious plan to more than double sales of both power tools and technical products, in the next 10 years.

The group is also operating a massive shift toward more services and software solutions to better serve our customers, and we saw that using a digital marketing agency will certainly help us accelerate that transformation.

Why did you choose to work with push?

They showed not only great expertise but also great flexibility when it came to working with us.  Push spent quite some time to understand what our situation in the region was. They analysed our digital presence and listened carefully to what we wanted to achieve. Then on they presented several options and eventually came with a tailored proposition.

And I will say it was really tailored for us, and it quickly became not just a service provider, but a true consultant, a strategic partner.

What were the results that you achieved with push?

So we started small with a very limited budget; the results were noteworthy after only a couple of months only. So that was a good surprise for us.

10 million reach approximately that’s about 50% of construction professionals in the country that were reached by our campaign. Our web traffic grew from 200 visits a day to about 4,000 visits a day after a couple of months. And we significantly increased the number of leads of sales leads generated through our website.

We estimated that we covered the cost of this digital campaign after about 10 weeks.

If someone asked you “should I work with push?” what would you tell them?

If someone asked me should I work with Push? I will answer, very simply with one word “Yes”, of course. Give it a try.

Now, if you don’t know where to start, you can always start small, understand each other, understand how is this partnership can benefit you.

You’ll be most likely, very surprised.

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